Silver Erguvan Crown Children’s Earrings


Silver Erguvan Crown Children’s Earrings
At a young age, we offer fancy and stylish earrings to the princesses who are curious about the time. With our silver children’s models, there are many gift ideas and options you can find on newborn, birthday and special occasions. Children’s jewelry usually attracts the attention of mothers and close relatives. Silver children and baby earrings, children’s sets, baby needles, girls and boys’ tags, such as tiny princes and princess products in many categories, such as you can easily buy and buy. The product will be sent in the gift box … All of our products are produced with hand labor. Due to silver and precious stones, ± 10 %deviation of product weight may be.
MOST: 0.80 cm
Length: 1.00 cm
Weight: 1.30 gr.


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