Congratulations on your new jewellery from! You have made a wise investment and it is important to know how to care for your new items to keep them in great condition for years to come.

To begin, it is important to store your jewellery in a safe and secure place. Dust, moisture, and direct light can cause tarnishing and discoloration. A jewellery box with compartments or a soft pouch can be ideal for storage. You may also want to separate your pieces to prevent them from scratching or tangling with one another.

When wearing your jewellery, remember to follow the “Last On / First Off” rule. This means putting your jewellery on last, after applying any perfumes or hairspray, and taking it off first, before removing your clothing or going to bed. This will help prevent your jewellery from being snagged, crushed or damaged in any way.

It is also important to avoid wearing your jewellery while sleeping, bathing or swimming. This is especially true for silver jewellery which can easily become damaged by contact with water, especially chlorinated or salt water. Exposure to these elements can cause chains to kink and earring posts to bend.

If your sterling silver jewellery begins to tarnish or oxidize, it can usually be cleaned with a good quality jewellery cleaning cloth. It is important to avoid contact with perfume, hairspray, chlorinated or salt water, or household cleaning products. Also, be gentle when handling your jewellery, as silver is a malleable (soft) metal and can bend or break under excessive force. Gemstones can also scratch, crack or chip if dropped.

If your jewellery ever becomes damaged or heavily tarnished, don’t worry! offers a cleaning and repair service for all their pieces, usually at a minimal cost. Remember, the warranty for your jewellery covers defects, but not wear and tear over time and negligence. Jewellery treated with care will provide you with many years of enjoyment and pleasure.

In summary, it is important to store your jewellery in a safe and secure place, avoid wearing it while sleeping, bathing or swimming, and follow the “Last On / First Off” rule when putting it on and taking it off. Always be gentle when handling your jewellery and avoid contact with chemicals and household cleaning products. With proper care, your jewellery will maintain its exquisite lustre and quality for years to come.