Single Stone Lady with a hearted heart
One of the most meaningful, most meaningful ways to express your eternal love for your lover is the heart symbol; are the jewelry. These are the most meaningful ones in the business. With this single stone lady you will give your lover to your lover, you can express your infinite love for her and give the message that you will be together forever. This is a combination of heart and single stone models. The stones on the single stone lady with hearts are zircon. Rodium coating is made on this century, rhodium coating is made on the rodium coating and the long -term models of the ladies are maintained and oxidation is delayed. As in the form of a single stone lady with a hearted heart, all of our models are handed with hand labor. The average of the average due to the precious stones and the weight of the stones; There may be 10 %deviation.
Cover. Weight: 2.75 gr.


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