Silver Rose eye necklace


Silver Rose eye necklace
Various talismans have been used in many cultures to protect against the damages of bad energy. The talisman used in most eastern cultures is the eye. The evil eye bead is also inspired by eye shape. Choosing the blue color is not a coincidence. Due to the belief that colorful eyes reflect their energy more effectively, evil eye beads are often designed as blue. You can give a gift of silver eye necklace to the people and loved ones who dazzled with their beauty, you want to be protected from evil eye. Rose coating is made on the silver necklace. Rose coating silver women’s necklaces maintain their brightness for a long time, oxidation is delayed. The average chain length with silver is 45 cm. All of our products are manufactured with hand labor. Due to silver and precious stones, ± 10 %deviation of product weight may be.
Width: 1.50 cm
Boy: 3.00 cm
Chain length: 45.00 cm
Cover. Weight: 2.90 gr


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