Silver Rose Mikail Angel Women’s Necklace


Silver Rose Mikail Angel Rose Women Necklace
Hz. Michael is one of the four great angels in our religion. He was given a task by God Almighty. The origin of the word Mikail is Hebrew. In Hebrew, “Who is like God?” meaning. Mikail Aleyhisselam is an angel mentioned in the Holy Quran. In the Holy Quran Hz. Michael (a.s) is mentioned in five places. Michael Angel is also in Judaism. As a protective angel who came to save the Israelites in Judaism, Hz. Michael (a.s) is called. It is also called the head of the celestial army. In Judaism, he is also called an angel who fought against the demon. This stylish and meaningful necklace; Birthday gift is an excellent option that can be preferred on special occasions as a valentine’s day gift or gift to mothers. The necklace is made of 925 sterling silver. Rose coating was made on silver. Rose coating products maintain their brightness for a long time and delay silver oxidation. As with all the silver women’s necklaces, this silver tiny Mikail Angel is produced with hand labor. The average product weight indicated due to silver and precious stones may be ± 10 %deviation.
Width: 2.00 cm
SIZE: 1.50 cm
Cover. Weight: 1.90 gr.
Chain length: 45.00 cm


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