Silver Rose White Lotus Flower Necklace


Silver Rose White Lotus Flower Necklace
Lotus flower is one of the most pleasant flowers symbolizing spirituality, spirituality and cleanliness. Lotus flower, which blooms in the dirty waters of the rain forests, has succeeded in being a symbol in its beliefs such as Buddhism and Hinduism. However, in many ancient civilizations, the lotus flower is considered sacred. Another detail that makes the lotus flower special is the area where the flower grows. In particular, the lotus flower grows in areas such as swamps, muddy land, can remain clean despite the dirty environment in which it grows. Lotus flower, which can even clean a single particle of dust put on it, greets those who come across with a white beauty. You can present the silver white lotus flower necklace, which is considered sacred in different cultures, to your loved ones or reward yourself. This stylish necklace; Birthday gift is an excellent option that can be preferred on Valentine’s Day or special occasions. Necklace; Made of 925 sterling silver. Rose coating was made on silver. As with other necklaces, silver white lotus flower necklace is produced with hand labor. The average product weight indicated due to silver and precious stones may be ± 10 %deviation.
Width: 2.00 cm
Length: 2.00 cm
Cover. Weight: 5.50 gr.
Chain length: 45.00 cm


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