Silver Semazen Ladies Necklace


Silver Semazen Ladies Necklace
Schema; symbolically, the formation of the universe, the resurrection of man in the realm, the transition to the movement with the Supreme Creator and his servitude and his servitude to the “man-kamil”. Every movement of Semah has a meaning. It gives peace when resting with ney sound. The right hand of the whirling dervishes looks at the sky and the left hand looks at the ground. This means that the right hand takes the right hand and gives the public to the ground. In this way, rebirth is completed. You can also use this meaningful whirling dervishes necklace to your loved ones. Oxide coating was made on silver. Oxide coating silver necklace models maintain their brightness for a long time and give silver black color. The average silver chain length is 45 cm. As with all silver necklace models, silver whirling women’s necklaces are produced with hand labor. The product weight indicated due to silver and precious stones may be ± 10 %deviation.
Width: 2.30 cm
Boy: 3.20 cm
Cover. Weight: 4.30 gr.


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