Silver snake ring


Silver snake ring
The snake figure in mythology is a very popular concept. Many cultures give different meanings to snakes. The life process and the unfavorable conditions in which it survived have caused people to be perceived as an animal with the secret of death and rebirth because of the fact that it climbs through the holes opened from underground to the earth, and renewing itself from the outer surface of the body. From time to time, it has been associated with medicine for the same reason. In addition, the fact that the snake swallowed the nuts as a whole and hiding it for a long time was identified with the “return to the main abdomen”, and therefore the snake symbolized the rebirth following death in many mythologies and took on the task of “creative”. You can present the silver snake ring with different meanings in different cultures to your loved ones or reward yourself. This stylish ring; Birthday gift is an excellent option that can be preferred on Valentine’s Day or special occasions. Ring; Made of 925 sterling silver. It is a adjustable ring to finger thickness. Rhodium coating is made on silver. As with other rings, the silver snake ring is produced with hand labor. The average product weight indicated due to silver and precious stones may be ± 10 %deviation.
Width: 1.00 cm
SIZE: 1.50 cm
Cover. Weight: 3.20 gr.


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