Silver April Birth Stone Cat Women Necklace


Silver April Birth Stone Cat Women Necklace
Each birth stone is identified with a certain month. Diamond is April birthstone. Stone symbolizes unity, trust, loyalty and devotion. Diamond is considered a traditional stone for engagement and wedding rings. Faith, love, innocence, beauty, beauty, clarity and purity is said to be the best friend of women. The cute source of joy of our houses is the symbol of innocence as well as being clean. They have a noble and logical personality, excellent intuition and rational sensitivity. Silver jewelry, one of the most preferred gift options of special days, was designed for those who want to make their loved ones happy and give them a gift that they can carry with them at any moment. You can present the cat -figure silver necklace model with the symbol of innocence to your sister, lover or friends. Emerald Stone Cat Women’s Necklace Model is made of 925 sterling silver. Rose coating was made on silver. Rose coating silver cat necklace models maintain brightness for a long time and oxidation is delayed. The entire stone on the necklace is emerald. The average chain length with silver is 45 cm. Silver women cat necklace is produced with hand labor as in all other silver women’s necklace models. The average product weight indicated due to silver and precious stones may be ± 10 %deviation.
EN: 1.60 cm
SIZE: 2.30 cm
Chain length: 45 cm
Average weight: 2 gr.


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