Silver Unisex Gurmet Bracelet


Silver Unisex Gurmet Bracelet
The bracelet models offered to you in a wide range from traditional and flashy motifs to simple designs manages to collect the appreciation of women from every style. You can have wrist models where you can get an elegant and elegant exterior, and you can come to the forefront in every environment that suits classic or sportswear style. You can have silver jewelry that you can use for a long time by examining the bracelet models offered to you with a wide model option. Our bracelet models that you can offer as a gift to your loved ones on special occasions are waiting for you. Silver Unisex Gurmet Women’s Bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver. Rodium coating was made on this bracelet. Rodium coating products maintain brightness for a long time and convert silver into rhodium color. As with all silver women’s bracelet models, the silver Gurmet women’s bracelet model is produced with hand labor. The length of the wristband is 19.50 cm. The average product weight indicated due to silver and precious stones may be ± 10 %deviation.
MOST: 0.80 cm
Length: 1.10 cm
Bracelet Length: 19.50 cm
Cover. Weight: 11.30 gr.


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