Silver Mix Stone Waterway Women’s Bracelet


Silver Mix Stone Waterway Women’s Bracelet
In daily life, you will use this wristband that reminiscent of stars with bright stones that you can choose on special occasions and nights. Stone silver bracelet, which appeals to those who want to capture a stylish look, will not exceed fashion, is waiting for you. Silver Mix Stone Water Road Women’s Bracelet; Birthday gift is an excellent option that can be preferred on special occasions as a valentine’s day gift or gift to mothers. Silver Mix Stone Waterway Women’s Bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver. Rhodium coating is made on silver. Rodium coating maintains the brightness of the bracelet for a long time and oxidation is delayed. As with all bracelets, silver mix waterway is produced with hand labor. The average product weight indicated due to silver and precious stones may be ± 10 %deviation.
Most: 0.40 mm
Bracelet Length: 19 cm
Cover. Weight: 13.30 gr.


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